We reserve the right to suspend a user's access to Circle if we suspect our Terms of Service have been violated.

Appealing your Service Exclusion
We believe everyone should have second-chances and deserve to be heard when action is taken upon their account. To appeal your exclusion, follow these steps.

Join our support server.
Create a modmail thread by DMing Speedboat. (Speedboat#8995)
Let us know you're appealing an exclusion and provide the following information in your appeal:
1. Explain why you were excluded.

2. Explain why you should be un-excluded.

If you don't know the exact reason for your exclusion, you can take this time to ask.

Please be truthful in your appeal! We will investigate the circumstances that lead to your exclusion when you open an appeal. Providing false information will result in a denial.

Appealing your Support Server Ban
You can always appeal bans from our support server here.
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